We invest in our team

Congratulations on your choice to join our village

You are joining a team that embraces the village mindset as part of our core values. Everyone on this team has something to teach us, and something they can learn from each of us. We insist on remaining true to building a strong, effective team by understanding the value of constantly reviewing our processes to find areas we can improve. We grow together by constantly building each other up as our village grows.  



We are actively seeking to add folks to our team who see the good in dogs as well as people. Those who care enough about the displaced, neglected, and at-risk German Shepherd dogs in our community to get involved in our rescue. Our entire organization consist of non-paid volunteers who share your love of this majestic breed. Together we will bring our sincere compassion to serve man’s best friend in their most desperate times. The combined compassion of us all is the first step in building a long-lasting rescue village. 



The core of any successful dog rescue is having a team of folks who possess the skills to put all the pieces together to make greatness happen for our four-legged friends. We believe that spending the time up front with all new volunteers is the key ingredient to building a solid team.

We will invest the time needed to ensure that you are informed about how each area of our rescue works, as well as introducing you to the mentors for each area of our rescue. We meet for training sessions, fundraising meetings, and foster workshops. You will not be left to figure it out on your own. Everyone in the village must understand our concept, people and how we operate to ensure that we are all working off the same playbook. This upfront investment in time dramatically improves each volunteer’s understanding of what all the other residents of our village do, and how their work helps our village. That knowledge reduces simple misunderstandings and fosters a mutual respect attitude throughout our team. 



Passion is what pushes regular people to do extraordinary things. Compassion and competency are the blocks we build our village on. Passion is the fire inside of us that keeps us up at night and gives us that "I can't wait to get there!" joy! We organize, train and put a structure in place to free our volunteers to live the dream of volunteering with a group that they can't wait to be with. Structure is necessary, but we will never become a stagnant over managed boring bureaucratic bunch of people. We foster a positive, supportive environment that by design frees us to enjoy the fruits of our teams good deeds.  We mean it when we say "It's about the dogs!" 


The most effective organizations are comprised of people who care about the mission, are experts in their areas, have a passion for the organization and trust that their fellow team members have their best interest at heart. Lani's Lucky Shepherds believes that ignoring any of these four areas will result in confusion, frustration, wasted efforts and a breakdown in the relations between team members who don't understand the organization or their team. We put these together to make sure that everyone on our team is working in the most efficient, effective manner. We will never stop growing if we make these four areas the culture we all embrace. 

Our volunteer applications only takes a few minutes to complete. We look forward to bringing you on the team!

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