Important Adoption Information

  • Lani's Lucky Shepherds only serves the Houston area. This includes areas as far out as ten miles outside of the Grand Parkway. 
  • Applicants who rent will need to supply a waiver from the property owner listed on the county tax appraisal records. Many landlords will not allow large breed dogs in their rental property.
  • A minimum six foot tall fence is required for all but medical and senior dogs.
  • We are not allowed to place our dogs in apartments. Apartment complexes change management companies and owners often. The new management often force tenants with large dogs to immediately remove the dogs or pay high deposits, plus extra monthly rent.  The unpredictability of new management companies and owners has often resulted in our adopters being told to remove their dogs or face immediate evictions. This has placed our dogs in dangerous placements. As such, we can no longer accept adoption applications where the pet will be placed in a rental apartment.  

Please ensure that you have considered the above requirements prior to submitting your application. Our goal is to start processing your application promptly. Checking with your landlord and making sure that your fence is secure enough to contain a large breed dog will help us expedite the processing of this application. 

The Adoption Process Averages Less Than Two Weeks

  • Complete the online application
  • Reply to our staff when they reach out to schedule a time to meet with you and your family for a home visit and to meet a dog that fits your request
  • Welcome your new German Shepherd to your family and watch the smiles that light up in your house

Lani's is one of the most efficient German Shepherd Rescues around. You won't wait months to be approved to adopt from us. We pride ourselves on being engaged and efficient as we work as a team to process the incoming applications. The time from applying to meeting and being able to get your dog to date this year averaged 8 - 14 days. The time frame was even faster for those with flexible schedules who could meet with our staff right away. The biggest delays in processing applications are submitted applications that lack the required information. You will need the contact information for your current or last veterinarian. You will need to reach out to them and have them email you your pets medical records,  even if you no longer have the pet. Most vet clinics are more than happy to email you a PDF of your records. 

Adoption Application